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Unless you're a start-up you've got legacy systems - we clean them up and get you connected

Legacy systems are filled with historical data… often decades worth. History, however, hardly reflects today’s marketplace. Web Services US provides the tools and project management manufacturers, distributors, sales reps, resellers and installers need to engage customers in the process of updating data, fortifying your brand and its connection to the market.

Manufacturers Reseller Registration Portals, Reseller Locators and e-Channel Marketing Tools

If you could streamline the timeline, shave off man hours, eliminate the hard costs and administrative follow-up efforts required to execute &/or renew your paper based Reseller Agreements saving tens of thousands of dollars in the process you’d likely to take a long, hard look. When your Resellers are the data entry point you don’t have to input much of anything… even better. With an integrated, legal Agreement online and account level control of the approval process for both brick & mortar and Internet Resellers, you can now pick and choose who’s qualified to sell your products… online and off.

Leveraging accurate Reseller location data in our user friendly and highly customizable Reseller/store geo-locator provides you a perpetually up to date tool you can embed in your site and you still haven’t had to assemble or enter any data…

Distributors and Professional Sales Representatives - Integrated Internet Business Solutions

Distributors and Professional Sales Representatives commonly use a divergent set of desktop applications, web based marketing tools and personal communication platforms to manage their business. Why? Because that’s the way it’s always been done. We “connect the dots” and simplify all web based tasks in an integrated environment that eliminates any redundant activity and productivity erosion. Money saved is retained, put right to the bottom line.

Our B2B e-commerce sites allow distributors to sell products and sales reps to capture orders when the resellers find it convenient to place them – anytime, online. With reseller specific brand privileges only the information from brands a particular reseller is approved to buy are available to them online.

Now spread the word - market, communicate & sell

Integrated e-Marketing tools used with your Reseller database allow seamless, timely communications to be planned, produced, scheduled and delivered to those specific classes of trade or Reseller types you define. Optional e-commerce tools allow you to sell based on your existing, real world distribution rules.

Your brand – our creative design

Whether you’re a specialty manufacturer or a system integrator, when it’s time to refresh your web site, don't just settle for just another pretty face. Our creative teams’ ability to stunningly refine your visual branding delivers eye stopping charismatic style with an easy, intuitive browsing experience to keep your users engaged. Get a quote for site and collateral material design services.